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Welcome to the world of conscious modern luxury

With her signature embedded single black diamond, incorporating conscious materials, and working with legacy artisans, SALLY SKOUFIS’ design choices are intentional; paying homage to luxury whilst breaking ground in the industry in order to create long lasting impact for humanity and the environment.

For years, the capitalist diamond industry has manipulated our idea that inclusions and imperfections have no value.  Sally’s aim is to educate, to raise awareness and offer the market a new value orientation – since the naturally forming structures within diamonds are what reflect their individual magnificence, where no two stones will ever be the same.

Black and grey inclusions are clusters of non crystallized graphite and carbon particles naturally forming under the earth’s surface over millions of years to the point the diamond naturally graduates to complete black.  

The SALLY SKOUFIS Black Diamond collection takes the path of the world less travelled. Her designs are non conventionally conventional – designed with a conscious spirit, yet set with tradition. With a bold design aesthetic that is authentic, and attainable. Created with freedom at its core, an original vision for the gemstones that are used enable distinctivity and an otherwise unseen beauty, while making a vital contribution to cause. 

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100% of the proceeds from the SALLY SKOUFIS signature black diamonds are donated to charity.

In an effort to reduce the social and environmental impact of diamond mining, SALLY SKOUFIS has partnered with REVOLVE, a non-profit organization supporting artisanal diamond miners, implementing initiatives and programs that promote new possibilities, whilst consciously restoring the human and ecological damage caused by capitalist industry practices.  

A vital initiative developed to tackle ‘conflict diamond’ prevention and resolution, poverty reduction and the biodiversity protection required to counter the devastation caused by irresponsible mining of the fine jewelry market.



Jewellery as an art form, is about adornment – accelerating the canvas of a woman. Designed with the woman at heart allows it to be suggestive of emotion. SALLY SKOUFIS jewelry is more than an adornment or a momento – despite its affordability, its design process is treasured – using stones that gravitate, calling to be cut, set in a way that speaks to the designer and the wearer – creating a treasure that celebrates the power of both women.   And both collectively making a contribution to cause.

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It's time for a new frontier, and I’m a proud pioneer, driving change and the type of circular economy required to restore balance; my work is a mark of time, an environmental necessity, and is a provocative symbol of change.

There is beauty in defying trends in a saturated world thirsty for uniqueness, which is at the core of Sally’s signature Black Diamond value chain.  It’s an investment piece – not in the traditional sense that fine jewellery owns, but an investment in the woman who wears it, an investment in her conscience and raw expression with a quality that outlasts the seasons of its counterparts. It’s a piece that is collected and treasured and will maintain its presence for years to come.

Welcome to the new world of conscious modern luxury.


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