The Artistry

Design Process

First Step


At the studio, the design process commences with an internal dialogue, drawing on a myriad of human emotions, enveloping the designs with truth and expression. The first form of expression comes from Sally’s unique poetic storytelling, later evolving into sketches that will become adored pieces.

A miniature sculpture is then meticulously crafted into a wax mould using an ancient artisan craft handed down through generations.  Sally’s designs incorporate her creative vision, the energy of the hands who carved the piece, and the love of the artisans that finish it.

With a distinctive ability to combine conventional techniques with new-world cool, Sally’s work is a vibrant re-imagining of traditional craftsmanship with semi-precious materials.

sally skoufis semi precious labradorite gemstones signature design process
sally skoufis surrender ring black design process
designer at work
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Connection revitalises the soul as a positive marker along the path of divine nourishment; even if found during it’s wildest most ferocious times. To be understood, as to understand, provides immense peace to the warrior soul.
Warrior Soul Poem Excerpt



The SALLY SKOUFIS design philosophy and choice of materiality is born from a desire to sustainably hand curate diamonds & gemstones that reflect an energetic quality for the wearer having formed in the earth’s crust for billions of years and combining them with the flawless brilliance of man-made gemstones – embedding a single black diamond as her signature tribute to luxury.

Inspired by the legacy of generations of women before her who have worn jewelry to adorn themselves and enable their true sense of femininity, Sally developed the brand to define her own legacy, one that provided all women access to luxury modern jewelry affordably. A brand was born out of the desire to give back – back to the female community, back to the design community and back to the confidence of young women who aspire to be the best that they can be.

The articulation and treatment of each stone within a SS pieces is created with the same integrity and hand detailing synonymous with fine jewelry making.

black diamond 2
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It’s an incredible feeling to observe my clients discover a piece that connects with them on a personal level, one that stirs an emotion as they interact with it and make it their own, as if the mastery of its creation had been articulated with her in mind.


The ultra-confidential world of high jewelry is supported by valuable ancestral craftsmanship.  SALLY SKOUFIS successfully entered this exclusive domain with her unique design and innovative ideas, a team of gifted artisans and purposeful material choices creating an entirely new category of affordable modern luxury.  

turquoise stones 1

Second Step


Seeing the potential of each stone before it is cut and brought to life, Sally travels the world in pursuit of the perfect stones and the energy they convey. Naturally cut from layers of the earth, a formation of such uniqueness and process that can take up to one hundred million years, each hand-selected gemstone is unique and cannot be duplicated, bringing a transformative experience of empowerment protection to those who wear them.

The SALLY SKOUFIS client is seeking something that she can connect with on a personal level – something that is as unique as she is, something that she can gift, or wear every day and be inspired and empowered by it.

workstation stone sourcing
workstation stone sourcing 2
turquoise stones 2
silver paved ring

Third Step


Calling to be cut, each gemstone is set by hand and the jeweler meticulously finishes the assembly of the final structure with the vision and sketches finally coming to life.

At the studio, the skilful hands of our stone cutters, setters and polishers can devote more than 50 hours on a custom finish. The art of final sculpting in a solid silver base metal with 18k vermeil, stone-setting and hand polishing employs a variety of techniques which the jeweller repeatedly carries out until the unique character and brilliance of each piece is ready for its final reveal.

From the very first moments of ideation, design creation and the collaborative artistry our skilled technicians, a resulting piece can take up to 200 hours of work before its final reveal.

Accelerating the canvas of female individuality through adornment, each SALLY SKOUFIS original jewelry piece is a marker of time, capturing the soul of its wearer while honouring the vision of the designer, integrity of the gemstones preserved from rare earth and the fine craftsmen who made it.

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My collections take the path of the world less travelled. They are non conventionally conventional – designed with spirit, yet set with tradition


My core promise is to support, nurture and grow the minds and accelerate the next gen entrepreneurs, designers and thought leaders – to pivot an exhausted, saturated and overly commercial marketplace. I invite you to join me pioneer a new customer journey and disrupt a marketplace that is calling for greater purpose, differentiation and social impact.

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