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Sally Skoufis

Creativity is powerful, and its impact and momentum have the capacity to be greatly accelerated if it’s commercially viable. SALLY SKOUFIS is renowned in the industry as a Designer who has successfully scaled without compromising creativity, materiality, best practice in manufacturing, and most importantly her sense of self as a Founder. Equipped with 25 years of commercial expertise, and global marketplace savvy, Sally was able to defy the status quo and become the exception in a heavily saturated creative industry that is historically known to yield slow growth. Sally’s rapid evolution saw her collaborating to open runways while creating custom pieces for Rita Wilson, Jessie J, leveraging industry experiences globally including private sittings with the editor of Vogue in New York. Her success was not accidental; it was intentional, strategic and highly planned. Sally’s mapped out journey and commercial playbook are now available to you through a limited time mentorship opportunity.


This is your unique opportunity to be personally mentored by SALLY SKOUFIS and gain access to
commercial intel, business success frameworks, processes and procedures and industry secrets
that will accelerate your growth and prime you and your brand for optimal market growth in
just 8 weeks.


A creative female entrepreneur who desires to create with impact. Through your artistry, you aim to enchant thousands, while living to your fullest creative expression, being rewarded for your innate gifts and talents. The SS Mentorship Cohort is open to graduates, or designers with under 3 years of market visibility. Places are limited, and mentorship is available by application and invitation-only.


  1. Business Modeling
  2. Brand Differentiation
  3. Product Development & Innovation
  4. Supply Chain Development & Sourcing
  5. Pricing Strategy & Matrix
  6. Sales Negotiation
  7. Customer Experience & Digital Marketing
  8. Building & Expanding a Distribution Network
  9. Social Impact

8-week Acceleration and Implementation Mentorship $5,900 USD


APPLICATIONS OPEN –  Tuesday 11th January 2022
APPLICATION CLOSE  – Tuesday 15th February 2022
MENTORSHIP COMMENCES – Monday 7th March 2022

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