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The warrior life is a practice of abandon.  The passage of time filled with inner work and mastery, yet rarely shared with a kin.  She holds a crest as a mark of quest that indicates a life of courage, independence & vitality.  A recognition of which is unseen by the mass yet clear to those who share this destiny.

Connection revitalises the soul as a positive marker along the path of divine nourishment; even if found during it’s wildest most ferocious times.  To be understood, as to understand, provides immense peace to the warrior soul. The journey to light must be taken with observation, care and gratitude.  A warrior knows not to question the dark hour, nor the hardships that challenge and bind her.  For her sight is set solely on the glory of connection in all that is present, the lessons that unfold and the urge that carries her along.  

Sacrifice a necessity; love left as a marker of progress.  The horizon positioned ahead opens itself to life & possibility, pursuit urges her forward.  Unrelenting is this heart so pure, so true as that of the warrior.  She offers a source of energy that flows outward in abundance and requires nothing in return.  She’s mastered the life skill to receive, even if from those who are needy and unable to give.

With no desire to draw sword and fight, one knows the battle to be won will occur through surrender, not anguish, but through letting go, removing limitations and harnessing fate.   To dance with grace.

Rejoicing the earth, the air and a force that bestows momentum, life leads her forward and she resists not its shackles, she moves through them freely accepting every prospect for insight, new vigour and spiritual growth.

Pure, noble and burdened not; this journey is lifetimes through and a destination already reached.  For she is guided by inner light, is connected to an immense power and is surrounded by love.  A pursuit directed from a wholeheartedness, self-mastery and divine truth.

The warrior does not seek an end, for she knows the force of such conditioning.  She recognises there is little need for title and attachment.  Life is ever present and deep within her as she surrenders to the now.  Enlightenment lay not ahead yet is evident in each and every footprint.

Light shines from within as her soul is connected to all that is, all that was and all that will be; rare earth, the heavens and the warrior are one. 


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